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ATTENTION: I need help from someone who knows a lot about horses?

What is some cool facts about....

American Saddlebred



Does anyone know ANYTHING that is cool and unique about these horses. Like, that makes one breed better than the rest, or where their name comes from. PLEASE! I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!

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    The early American Saddlebred was a cross between a British gaited horse and a Thoroughbred. They were originally bred to be an all around farm horse- used for riding, plowing, and yet be flashy enough to pull a cart to town. They were even used during war time as cavalry mounts; especially for Generals. Later Saddlebreds were crossed with Morgan and Hackneys to add a more refined body and get a higher stepping gait. Saddlebreds have the usual walk, trot, and canter gaits; but some individuals can be taught 2 other gaits: the slow-gait and the rack. The rack is a four beat gait with the horse having only one foot one the ground at any time ex: left hind, left front, right hind, then right front (or can start with right hind...). A racking horse can reach extremely high speeds. A slow-gait is a slower version of the rack; but with the front legs momentaraly hesitating at the top of its rise. Saddlebreds are distinguised by their long arching necks, high headset with tucked noses, and highly animated gaits.

    Thoroughbreds are descendants of three Arabian stallions: The Darley Arabian, The Godolphin Arabian, and the Barly Turk (Sorry, I probably just mangled the last name). I don't know too much history about Thoroughbreds; but here is a link you can go to:

    Morgans are named after their founder Justin Morgan. The first Morgan stallion was named Figure. The first Morgans were bred for racing and pulling. This site is very informative on the background of the breed, Figure, and Justin Morgan:

    And Malia C:

    Check your facts: the Morgan horse is not a gaited breed. There are some individuals (like the Saddlebreds) that can be taught to gait. But, the breed itself is not considered to be a gaited breed. And, the American Saddlebred was not bred to be a race horse.

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    The american saddlebred was bred to race; not at the canter but at the trot. This horse was bred to be the perfect ridding horse, the perfect cart horse, and the perfect cart race horse. Although I do not prefer the bred because of their backs, which can result in health issues.

    The Thoroughbred originated in england in the 1800's. The prince of england was a sporting man and wanted to create the perfect for racing. He crossed the arabian,irish draft,warmblodds and many breeds to create a horse built to run! Today thoroughbreds are still at the top of the game when it comes to racing. But are also a very versitile breed excelling in all english disciplines. but seem to be a fragile breed as far as health concerns. They do have a very correct build.

    The morgan horse is an american breed named after its founder Justin Morgan. The morgan horse is also a versitile bred, used for saddle seat, western and driving. The morgan is a hardy bred, but is a gaited bred. so you have to be into that is you want a Morgan.

    If you are planing on buying one of these breeds, I would suggest that if you want to primarily ride english buy a thoroughbred, and if you want to do more western or saddle seat buy a morgan.

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    Morgan: The progenitor of the breed dates from about 1800 and was named for its innkeeper owner, Justin Morgan

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