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Good dog gone bad?

I have a 2yr old chihuahua which was potty trained I just bought another chihuahua which is 3 months and I'm trying to potty train. Well my older chihuahua is know using my living room as her toilet I don't know what happend she used to be so good what should I do I'm confused I did not think she would do this. Please help any suggestions?

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    Your other chihuahua is probably just being territorial. give her a spot in the yard or house with all her stuff and a potty pad use it for retraining her. when she does go in her area reward her with treats and pets.

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    I agree with other answerer-- your older chihuahua is being territorial. I've brought new dogs into my "family" and seen it happen many times. You can try peepee pads in the areas she likes to hit. Be SURE to buy some Nature's Miracle, which will destroy the urine in your floor so the area doesn't seem like a good toilet spot again. I've used this product for a decade or more, and it really does the trick. With each of my dogs, the bad behavior stopped once the older dog realized he hadn't lost his position. Your older dog is making sure little guy knows SHE'S alpha dog. Also, if little pup is having accidents older pup will go there too, to have HER mark there. Just use the Nature's Miracle, take them out a LOT (I'm assuming you're not paper training), praise the good behavior, maybe with a treat. I REALLY think older dog is just anxious and will go back to her good behavior. And BTW, dogs at 2 years are still not fully mature. EVERY dog I've had has come round after a period of settling in. Good Luck.

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    It is a possibility that the younger dog peed in the living room and you didnt see her but the older one did. He probably thinks it is okay now since the other guy didnt get punished. Try to retrain him the best you can, give him a bunch of love and attention because I'm sure he is jelous too which doesnt help the situation. And also make sure your older dog sees you disipline the younger one when he pees in the house that way the older dog may not want to repeat what he did and may go back to using the yard the same way goes with the younger dog. If the young one sees you praise the older one after he went outside the younger one will probably try to do the same so he can get attention too. I hope everything works out. bye

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    She is marking her territory and establishing herself as the alpha female. Get a pet odor eliminator from the pet store and when she does this immediately clean it up and remove the scent. Don't yell at her or rub her nose in it, but when you see her doing it put her immediately in her crate and leave the room. She will soon learn that you are the alpha female and should stop doing it. GL

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    If your new chi pees any where in the house, it invites your other chi to do the same.

    Clean up the areas with a cleaner like Pet Force from

    Consider crate training, if you can't watch them both all the time.

    If your older chi is not fixed, she could be claiming her territory...

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