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Links to The Pillows songs please???

anyone know where I can find links to songs by The Pillows? (when searching for music by this band, you would probably want to try searching under "FLCL" as well). Any will do, though I'd prefer songs from their earlier albums (not any from the Fooly Cooly/FLCL soundtracks >_<) NOTE: just because a song is labeled FLCL-(name of song) does not mean that it is from the FLCL soundtrack ^_^) Links, or even the songs themselves if you have any. I'd love them, please! >_< thansk ^_^


*thanks ^_^

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    Although I wouldn't know where you could download them etc,

    you could go to their official myspace profile( to listen to some songs.

    Otherwise, just keep using search engines until you hit a jackpot.

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