How to collect money from an oversea UK client?

How to collect money from an oversea client?

We are located in US and we gave this service for a UK agent. The gent subcontracted us for a big project. The original owner of this project is not this agent. Now the original owner is using our product but does not have any idea they are using unpaid product. Now the middle man "the agency who gave us the project" collected all the money from the original client but refused to pay us. Now my question is do we have an intellectual property on the product? 2. How to make the agency to pay us. We have all the paper work and agreement but could not find a good collection agency they can tackle this client. What is the best way for us to get our money.

Any idea?

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    If you invented or developed the product you have the initial intellectual property rights. You need to protect these by having them registered. If you have not done so and the other party registers them you will have to take steps to have the register corrected. To collect money from an overseas UK client you would have to take out a writ and serve this according to the rules of court. If the writ is not challenged then you can have a judgement awarded in your favour otherwise you will need to prove that the amount is owed. Whether you went through an agent or not is irrelevant as the principal is responsible for the acts of his agents. You should, however, consider naming the agent as a party in your writ. When you have a judgement this can be registered with the High Court in London and will be enforceable against the client.

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