Can you Apply online at victorias Secrete?

I picked up a application and filled it out but my handwriting is so horrible, I'm afraid of turning in the application like that. LOL. but I was woundering if theres a way you can apply online? I searched the VS site and couldn't find anything. But maybe I wasn't looking hard enough. Just asking so i could save some time, instead of having to go back and fill out another one. Thank

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Take the time to get another application and carefully take the time filling it out. Practice on a blank piece of paper if you have to! I have to hire a lot of people in my field and if they can't even write legibly, then they don't even get a second look. Not everything is done with a computer. Handwriting is still vital for a lot of business application, especially sales where you may have to write a personal note to another sales person, your supervisor or a customer! Good luck

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