Has Anyone heard about the MP3 Musiq p2p program?

Im trying to find a safe p2p program

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Forget p2p, they are unsafe by their very nature. Here is the dirty little secret, if something is broadcast, it can legally be recorded so just go to streaming radio or get a radio shark and record the music you want for free without having to deal with p2p or iTunes or anything, this is true of video as well, just put a video capture card or a TV tuner card in your computer and you can record anything broadcast (you can even hook cable or satellite to the card) for free without having to deal with the security problems with p2p.

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  • koloc
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    4 years ago

    receive uTorrent this is particularly like limewire yet you do no longer receive it strait from it. and on Google look up the song/album of the song with the be conscious "torrent"next to it. (ex. green day twenty first century breakdown torrent) you may seek for the link "thepiratedbay" and look on the comments. if its sturdy, receive and could circulate at once to the receive folder

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