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need help burning cds with windows media player?

O.k.. I have a windows 2000 which means i might have version 9 or sumthin...everytime I try to burn (I have a external cd burner) it says "There is no media in your burning drive or the drive is not ready. Please insert media or check the drive." what does that mean??


how do i check the drive

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    I have been asking what this was for awhile now. Finally, I deleted Windows Media Player totally off my computer and re-downloaded it, as well I "saved to computer" and now mine works just fine. Good luck!

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    It would appear that the software can not "find" your drive. (Win Media Player uses a version of "Roxio" burning software.) Check your drive properties to be sure it is enabled in ALL profiles. Check the MP options and tools also, since it is an "external" you may have to "add" it manually as SOMETIMES, some software does NOT automatically find all new or add-on hardware.

    I suggest getting specific burning software rather than that included in the MP.

    There are many available. I prefer NERO, but the choice is yours

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    Try d/l the latest version and installing it.


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    the cd is already used, so it doesnt recognize it as a blank disk so it wont record, make sure your using a RW disk not a R, and that theres nothing on it and then try again

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