Actors, directors, people that go to acting school, ect. COME HERE!!?

ok, first of all, thankyou for opening this thingy-mabobber!! i have a health project that's due tomorrow which is december the 1st. Thanks to my stupid self, I didn't do it until the last minute!!

i have to interview you these dam* question.

i want to be an actress when i grow up so pleez reply to these questions!!


1.What are the levels of education?

2.How much is the average income?

3.How many hours per week do you work?

4.What’s the highest demand for the job?

5.Who am i talking to? (as in director,student form acting school,ect. put your name and last name pleez!)


please answer these questions and don't lie to me saying if your paris hilton or miley cyrus and sh!t 'cuz you know its not true.

N-e ways, thankyou for your time!!


*not to sound stuck up or whatevers*

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  • 1 decade ago
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    it is according how good you do your role

    always show up on time

    always is the spot light

    must know how to use your voice and have to be crazy to get in to acting .

    Keep all problems at home

    never introduce yourself to the producers because that will throw them off course.

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