Dr. Phil racing suit on ebay bid up to $1 million?

The racing suit signed by Dr. Phil has been bid up to over $1 mil. on ebay. Obviously the high bidder doesn't intend on paying $1 mil., but i'm curious what the legal consequences might be. I see this quite often on ebay (for instance, I saw someone bid in five figures for a used plastic bag). Ignoring the issue about the bidder probably being close to judgment-proof, if someone bothered to take the bidder to court, do you think a judge enforce the contract?

Usually "I was kidding" isn't a valid reason to excuse a contract, but when the price is so disproportionate to the fair market value, I wonder if a court might consider it as a defense.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have no idea but that's crazy.

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  • 4 years ago

    It exchange into the Honus Wagner card ofcoarse, even though it certainly bought back purely some months in the past for over $2 million money! no longer a foul turn in any respect! the guy revamped a tens of millions money in income. it particularly is graded PSA 8 so because it particularly is why this card keeps mountain climbing up in fee

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