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ok theres a guy i really like?? and i need help BIGTIME please!?

ok this guy jacob i really really really really really like and we sit next to each other in science and he asked me if i liked him and i told the truth and sayed yes and i sayed do u like me as a girl friend and he sayed yes then we bolth blushed and started to talk for the whole period. and it seems when his best friend is hitting on me he always sayes dude stop man im not playing you better stop she really doesnt like u! and then one class period we were sitting and he sayed look @ me and so i looked at him and he looked into my eyes and we sat there all period just staring at each other and then at the end of the period he sayed i love your eyes. DO U THINK HE LIKES ME???? oh and when im leaving school if i pass him in the hallway he will wait untill im way infront of him but to wear i can still hear him and say its hot out or something like small talk! DO U THINK HE LIKES ME??????? I DONT WANT TO ASK HIM OUT TOUGH BUT WHY WONT HE ASK ME OUT?? serious awnsers please thanx

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    Yes, he does like you. If everything you've written is true then there is no doubt that he likes you.

    And there's one more thing that I can tell from your question's grammer. It is very elementary leveled, I mean you type sayed instead of said?!!?

    So, I guess you're about 10-12 yrs of age and so the guy is about the same age too, right? Then, I would assume that he would be afraid to ask u out at this age. I mean u r too young and so is he. Just wait around, as I said, You are too young to start dating at this age. But yes, He does like you.

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  • yes i would say he like you but if you really like him why do ya'll take some time after school and talk (a real conversation) with one another and see where things stand so you dont have to guess so much.

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    yes........he likes doubt.......things are comin along slowly cuz your like 12........

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