I'm searching for a movie named six starring Kevin Bacon and a movie called Savanna Smiles released in 1980's

I seen a sneak preview of the movie SIX on TBN network,700 Club it's based on the future it showed seens like the unleashed beast Kevin Bacon and the other actors are tryin to destroy the enemy before it destroys them. The other movie is about a little girl about the age of 6yrs.old she has a very wealthy dad & mom but she's very unhappy so they decided to give her a birthday party in the park her & the other children decided to play hide & seek Savannah hide in the bck seat of a old car that belongs to. To Hot-Headed bank robbery's which turned not to be so bad after all she had lots of fun with the two men they were arrested later on but she was returned home safely. One of the guys in the movie name was Bootsie he was her pal she cried when they surrended because she wanted to stay with them & that's all I can remember! Thanks!

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    Savannah Smiles is available on Amazon.com

    I believe the other movie you're referring to is "Six: The Mark Unleashed". It did not star Kevin Bacon. It did have Kevin Downes, though. Perhaps that's what you're thinking.

    This movie is also available on Amazon.com

    Happy viewing!

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  • Jenna
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    Ahh, i remember Savanna Smiles. it was a Disney movie, so try searching through the Disney site, or EBay. it might not be available on DVD, but I'm sure you can find a VHS copy. good luck.

    any 700 Club movie can be purchased through their site. just watch again and write it down. or go to TBN site for link.

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