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Is he showing signs of interest?

Awhile back my friend introduced his brother to me. And afew weeks after that he comes to my mom's classroom afterschool waiting for his brother. Well he comes and stands next to me and says Hi Gabriella. And smiled really cutely.

Well yesterday he came back again waiting for his brother and he talks to me..just random things. Like if I had a good time at Disney..if I had ever been before then, if I like coffee, what I wanted for Christmas, etc. Then when my mom was telling us a story of something that happened awhile back, he looked at me a couple of times. Then when they all left he said Bye Gabriella. And I said Bye Michael.

Well then today he came back and us and two of his friends were going to take a picture.Then the person taking the picture said to scoot over so he said Come on Gabriella.

And awhile later we were all talking about movies and I hadn't seen any of the ones they were talking about and he told me I was deprived. lol

Is he showing signs of interest?

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    in my opinion, he is showing signs of interest, because if i liked you that sounds exactly like i would behave. it sounds like hes trying to get closer to you, you should maybe offer him your phone number and sees if he calls you or texts your sometime

  • He very well could be showing you signs of interest, but be careful not to set yourself up for a let down, they may only be signs of a friendship interest. Take your time with it and if you like him it should come natural for him to take the first step to showing you if he has a greater interest then being just friends, hope everything works out the way you'd like them to. :-)

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    Like most females, me included...for are over analyzing. Just relax and enjoy what seems to be a pleasant acquaintence-ship. It may blossom, who knows. It is in the VERY early stages of whatever...remember, you just met him. Have fun, see how things unfold. Please don't try to rush anything...that never works and often breaks up a relationship. Good luck, friend.

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    I guess to better be close friends with him. Take it a step at a time. You dont have to rush into conclutions! Good luck girl. Just be yourself!

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    Yes, I would say he is. Just keep talking to him and see what happens. Maybe he will take you to one of those movies.

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    c'mon what r u waiting for??? go'n get'm!!! Do Not let this one Slide by, hurry! U'll allways be sorry if u didn't!!!!!! If u don't move it soon, then u'll be in the "Just Friends" position, that's bad!! Best of Luck!

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    i don't know ask him. If you want to know if he is showing signs of interest then see some of the movies and then tell him what u thought about them.

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    Hmm.. sounds like it lol but it honestly depends on the guy in most cases- good luck!!

  • well...he could be showing intrest in just friends or even more but i think you should wait for him to make the move and make sure it's ok with your friend

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