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how is your job done?anwser?

I mean do you have a boss or something?Hope you reply back!

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    I have my own business with Mary Kay cosmetics.

    I have mentors that help me and push me along, but they are not my bosses, i am my own boss. I love my job because i just let women and men try the number 1 skin care in the U.S. for more then 13 years and they love it, i want to get it. Because they can see and feel a difference right away. I was able to quiet my other to jobs were i did have a boss, and it was labor work. I felt like i deserved more and should get paid more. I found that job and i am so happy. I make my own schedule, i decide how far i want to go in the business. I love it, if you are looking for a job, and want to know more call this hotline


    access # 5849

    The women speaking is named Dacia, she is the youngest national in Mary Kay ( a national is the top position in MK) it really inspiring and enjoyable.

    Then you can write me and tell me what you think, and i can help you be your own business owner. You must be 18 though

    Source(s): Cierra Hall Mary Kay beauty consultant
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    I have a great job. I'm a manager. Only thing I have to do is hire quality people and keep my manager off their back so they can get some work done. Keep the employees happy and keep my manager informed of what a good job they are doing.

    Maybe that's a little too simplistic, but basically that's it.

    Source(s): From "The Rantings of a Philosophical Madman".
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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm my own boss. That's how it should be.

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  • 1 decade ago

    umm i do have a bosss

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