How does the romantic Era relate to Andrew Jackson? What characteristics did he meet?

More Specifically, was there ever a time that andrew jackson:

1.Values Feeling or Intuition over reason


2.Champions individual freedon and the worth of the individual


3.Finds Beauty and truth in exotic locales, the supernatural realm, and the inner world of the imagination?

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    Old Hickory may have gotten lucky on the battlefield, but he was an idiot in business and politics. After he was elected president just because he was a war hero, he used his clout to hurt anyone who had ever spoken out against him, voting against his personal enemies regardless of what the legislation was about, even if it made no sense whatsoever. He was just an ignorant country boy who knew how to fight. He was no gentleman, either. He refused to tip his hat to a local woman of stature, because, he stated, she was "too damn homely". Well, years later when this unattractive, yet loving and generous woman, Michaela Almonaster-Pontalba built what is now the oldest apartment buildings in the country, flanking both sides of Jackson Square, she commissioned a statue of old Andrew to be placed in the middle of the park, facing her apartment, tipping his hat to her forever!!!!

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