What is the correct way to cite an unknown author of a website MLA format for a works cited page?

I am having difficulty on finding information on how to list an unknown author for a web page regarding a works cited page.

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    Anonymous article

    “Senior Fitness.” USNews.com 27 May 2002. 20 May 2002


    Entire website

    General form:

    Title of the site. Name of the Editor of the site, if given. Version number of electronic publication, if relevant and not part of title. Date of electronic publication or of latest update. Name of any Sponsoring Institution or Organization. Date of access <URL>.


    Bartleby.com: Great Books Online. Ed. Steven van Leeuwen. 2002. 5 May 2002 <http://www.bartleby.com/>.

    MSNBC.com. 2002. Cable News Network. 13 June 2003 <http://www.msnbc.com/>.

    Also go to www.bibliographywrite.com for more information and examples about MLA format.

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  • 4 years ago

    for the poem The Dream of the Rood

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