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What are some good styles for short hair?

I'm a guy and I was wondering what are some good hairstyles for really short hair. Anything from buzzcuts to fades. Thanks.

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    A great hairstyle that suits longer face shapes and coarse hair. This hairstyle is cut very choppy and texturised using a razor technique.

    Style Tip: apply styling wax to damp hair then using your fingers, rub the wax over the entire hair. Remember, the messier, the better. Allow your hair to dry naturally.

    Razor cut Hairstyle

    A wispy razored look that is fashionable and very easy to look after. This hairstyle is best suited for coarse hair.

    Style Tip: apply styling wax or moulding cream to damp hair, then using your fingers, mess up and texture the ends.

    Twisted Quiff Hairstyle

    An uplifting casual hairstyle that creates movement and height to suit smaller, rounder face shapes and straight to slightly wavy hair. Regular trims are required to maintain a balanced shape.

    Regular trims are required to maintain a balanced shape.

    Style Tip: apply mousse to damp hair then finger dry forward, through the top and sides, then up straight in the front. Complete the look with moulding cream in the same direction to create a peak on top.

    Short tapper cut Hairstyle

    This hairstyle is cut with longer layers on top. The back and sides have been cut into short layers, leaving side-burns a little longer. Suits fine hair and will make the hair appear thicker.

    Style Tip: apply moulding cream to damp hair then, using a vent brush, comb hair up in a peak on top. Allow the hair to dry naturally.

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    Try a high and tight. If you don't know what that is ask your barber. That is how the United States Marines have their hair. It looks tough tough and manly. It also looks very neat ( in the literal since of the word). I like high and tights. : )

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