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Help me problem?

i'm a teenager who is lonely and thinks that when I'm older

i might get 2dogs and 2cats.And treat them like my baby.

What to do?

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    Get into programs in school and meet people. Being lonely is the worst way to go and it can lead to depression.

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    Keeping pets are expensive. You should go out, n hang out with your friends. Go for a movie or window shopping. Enjoy your teenage life now. You still could have time to keep pets while ur older. Dont worry.

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    WELL.......U just said ur a teen and being a teen u have a whole heck lot of life ahead of u to find a partner so for now just enjoy being single and in ur teen years!!!!!! U have so much time to find ur love of life so just take life by the minute and live in the present.....The future'll be what it wants to be. GOOD LUCK!

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    your a teenager u don't have these kind of problems. besides your young u have plenty of time to date and find someone.

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    you need friends or a boy/girl friend your probly going threw a phase or something dont worry it will get better

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