I have been informed that there is a tax break for companies in Tennessee if they hire convicted felons.?

I know that S.Carolina has this tax break for businesses but I am unable to find out info for the State of Tennessee.

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    I would love to give you the information that you seek, but due to the restrictions of my early parole, I am not able to divulge this information in a public forum. Please try back during business hours( 8AM-6:30 PM CST) 888-727-6533(877-PAROLED) Ask for operator 755.

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  • koloc
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    4 years ago

    No, that should not be seen discrimination. It shows a lapse in judgment and an employer could be waiting to take that under consideration. confident, you could substitute besides the undeniable fact that it became into nonetheless your decision interior the commencing off to make a screw up. It has no longer something to do with being waiting to do the activity, it is approximately committing against the regulation, that could placed criminal duty on an employer. John could have been paying interest. by his negligence somebody died and he has to pay for that. If an employer does not desire them of their employer, the employer has that precise and could have that precise. Sorry, yet killing somebody is on no account a stupid mistake. maximum human beings do make errors, yet maximum do no longer commit felonies. Breaking your widespread snow globe does no longer be seen a criminal. i do no longer think of you realize the severity of felonies. Nor do you realize recidivism. below one % of folk interior the reformatory gadget did their crime they're convicted of. the place do you get the 20+%. i'm particular you will no longer locate that top of a quantity everywhere, and there may be a severe annoying analyze into the gadget.

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    1 decade ago

    It looks like the credits for ex-felons are in question right now, pending legislation but call the number below to find out for sure.

    To receive additional information regarding the WOTC/WtW tax credit programs, please call 1-800-432-5268 (in state only) or fax your request to 615-532-1612.

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