Can you tell the sex or the approximate size or weight of a deer by it's tracks?

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    The size of a deer track will help you to determine the size of the deer. As a deer grows, their feet will grow accordingly. Big mature bucks will leave big and deep tracks. In soft ground the dew claws will show on both bucks and does. Rounded tips on hoofs are a result of hoof wear usually due to rocky or other abrasive surfaces and has little to do with weather the deer is a buck or a doe.

    When analyzing deer tracks in shallow snow, look to see which deer are dragging their feet. It is believed that bucks drag their feet to conserve energy. In deeper snow all deer will drag their feet. Another trick for snow tracking is to watch for antler impressions in the snow. When a large buck is checking the trail for a doe in estrus, his horns will sometimes leave an impression in the snow. This will also show you how wide his antler spread is.

    Once you have found a good track in the snow, you can follow it to find travel routes, feeding areas, watering areas and bedding areas.

    When a deer walks, they will place their back hoof in the track of their front hoof. If the second track falls slightly to the outside of the first, it is probably a doe because a doe's hind quarters are wider than her chest. The wider hind quarters of a doe are required for giving birth. If the second track falls slightly to the inside and short of the first track, then it is probably a buck track since a buck's chest is wider than his hind quarters and his body is longer.

    This article has a helpful chart with it showing prints left by certain deer based on age and sex.

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    yes. first, if you draw a straight line down the middle of the tracks, you can tell the sex by which way the front of the hoofs are facing. a buck will point his straight forward and a doe will have her's pointed outward slightly. as far as size, the bigger the track, the bigger the deer. a large mature buck will have tracks about three inches wide and four inches long (not including the dewclaw).

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    Not me. No way. I can't even tell what species of deer it is by it's tracks.

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    Of course.

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