How can I send a picture to my cingular mobile phone from my computer using email?!?

I can easily do this by using a USB cable since I modified my razr by installing PK2Comm but I installed a program that had lots of viruses and killed my PC. I'm using the PC at work and don't want to kill it too!!! Can I send a picture?! If yes, what would be the mobile email address? It's a cingular. I know it goes something like this: or .net!!! Thanks!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Nobody seems to have the right answer regarding how to send an email from your PC to your mobile phone. Well, this is definitely do-able and this site is a good resource for each cell phone provider:

    Happy emailing-to-your-mobile-phone! :-)

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  • bligen
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    4 years ago

    With Virgin cellular i do no longer imagine that you'll move pictures utilising a cable. you should deliver them to an e mail manage or upland them to "My images". This expenses the image messaging fee (25 cents i imagine).

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  • 1 decade ago

    Send a photo from your phone to yourself it will show the address

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