Please give me a LEGAL website where I can easily download movies to my iPod.?

Please do not say Limewire, totally illegal. And I already have itunes. They just don't offer a large selection of movies just yet. I don't mind paying for the movies either, I just want to find a legit site, not one of these scams cause there's like a billion of them! Please help me!!

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    1 decade ago
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    go to google video under download there is a psp/ipod section. Most of the movies are homemade but there is some good stuff on there like music videos. also although it is technicaly illeagal riping your dvd is a great option since if you bought it you already have a ligitimate copy and there is know for them to find out if you have been ripping your dvds

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sorry, there is nothing but iTunes. You can rip your own DVD's, but that's illigal.

    Thank the MPAA for making it illigal to put movies you have BOUGHT on your own iPod!

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