What should be worn to an interview at a Daycare/Preschool?

My instinct is to dress the way I would dress for any interview - Neat and office professional no matter what the position.

However, the last job I had as a Montessori preschool teacher I dressed in a nice suit skirt and blouse with a sweater, and though I got the job (along with another nice lady wearing jeans and a sweater) I got the feeling from the other applicants and the staff that I was horribly overdressed. Once I was in the position for a few months I asked my boss and she told me that she almost didn't hire me because I was overdressed and didn't appear as if I were willing to get down on the floor with the kids.

Now that I have an interview at a new center, I want to wear the right clothes. I still think that the more professional the better, regardless if I am working in an office or changing diapers, but I also really want to make the best impression for the center.

This is not a school, but a daycare center within the JCC.

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    I find the best way to handle this is to try to look one step more professional then you expect to be in your day to day work. If you know your going to dress professional (dress shirt, tie, slacks) wear a suit to the interview. If it's casual dress, wear a dress shirt, and possibly a tie. If you're not sure overdressing is better than underdressing. Of course try to feel comfortable in your choice. If you can't be comfortable it'll hurt your entire interview process.

    If you do get a feeling that everyone is looking at you a little odd because you're over dressed, you can bring it up, and it might help if done carefully. However realize you're trying to show yourself as professional no matter what. Unless you're actively doing the work doing the interview, it's better to look like you're seriously pursuing the job.

    This is obviously from a male prospective, but it should be applicable for both genders. Remember that you want to look like you belong at the company or center.

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  • 1 decade ago

    For any interview, you want to look professionally dressed, eventhough the company culture is casual wear or business casual. You can always ask during the interview what the company culture is like or about the dress code.

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    Just wear one of your dayly outfits. I mean its preschool! You are going to be with kids!! But just in case you get the job, wear somthing that the kids would like, like wear not matching clothes with animals in it!!

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