A&M and referee harmony?

The refs in the Texas-A&M last week called 2 big bad calls. 1. Limas Sweed did not interfere when he caught the pass in the corner of the endzone. 2. On a big 3rd and long Colt McCoy threw a pass for a complete pass but it did not count. What's the deal?

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    Seriously, I don't know; but it sure is ugly! The only thing that I can possibly think of a al USC v Texas in last season's title match is someone up in the booth had to have had money on the game.

    I feel that college football needs to do something to try and get some validity back into its game. You have a great question. Here goes:

    There must be an on-the-spot panel of 3 to 5 referees in the booth. Any disputable call, or any call for that matter should be viewed from mutiple angles. The game is far to fast on the field for these referees; however, I don't believe that that's the problem.

    The problem lies in the gumption or gonads of the appealing referees. No one wants to rescind a call.

    Now, on "agressive" penalties where the outcome (or score) is in question then they must rule. On "non agressive" penalties the refs on the field can handle it.

    Pro ball has the clause: "Indisputable evidence" that just about guarentees if it's obvious it's coming back. College on the other hand needs to develop more field cameras, overhead cameras, and a bigger panel of "Booth" referees rather than in most cases it's one man.

    I am a referee.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Get over it!!! I'll bet you didn't do any complaining last year when t.u. won the Rose Bowl and there where bad calls in that game did ya? Fact is the call on Sweed could have gone either way, and EVERY game has bad calls, deal with it!!! Poor tea-sip!

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