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My hamster has nested in his enclosed plastic wheel AND he uses it as his potty!!! Will he get sick?

The wheel is above the cage and it's accesible to him by a ramp inside. It's enclosed so it's hard to clean. He brings food in there too. I'm afraid he'll get sick.

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    He'll be fine if you can keep it clean enough, but that could be tough. I would advise you to take the wheel and put it inside the actual cage. That way you can easily clean everything. If that's not possible with the kind of wheel you have, maybe invest in one of those plastic wheel with an entirely open side, and the closed side that clips onto the cage bars. He can still run on a wheel that way, but won't be tempted to nest in awkward places. You could also provide a special nesting box, if he doesn't already have one. Plastic is probably best; it's easy to clean and fairly tough. Fill it with hay, and let him nest and keep food in that instead. Hamsters are fairly good at learning to use toilets - you can either buy a plastic hamster toilet (basically a box) or use a small cardboard box filled with kitty litter or wood shavings and put it in a corner. You might want to consider calling the vet, though - most hamsters don't fill their bed with poop, and it could be a sign of illness.

    Some links to pictures of what I'm talking about:

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    If he pees in it you'll have to keep it cleaned or he'll get pneumonia. Poop is not sanitary either but I don't what diseases it can cause.

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    he wont get sick, but thats pretty wrong

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