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How to build confidence to meet new people?

I lack people skills, as the people I know are the only people I can talk with confidence. I hate meeting new people a going to public places.... Once I start chating with somebody, I can make her/him friend very easily...but I wait for other people to start or step up..I cant do that....I dont know how to make this thing better....I am sorry I have some worst issues.... I am totally home grown adult and I was not even allowed to play with other kids....Just stayed home and fought with sisters....

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    You can begin a conversation by smiling and asking what line of work a person is in, or if they are school age, what they are studying.

    Breaking the ice is not always easy, but just keep in mind they are probably a little uneasy too, so everyone is in the same boat. You sound like once you get rolling, you have no trouble, which is great! Just think of some easy, friendly things to start out, don't be concerned if they sound a bit lame.

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    just don't worry about it too much, or you will make things worse, just relax and know that with experience and time, you'll get better and just have some catching up to do because of your childhood......just remember to always keep the other person's feelings in mind......try to make them feel comfortable and liked, and then you won't be worried about yourself being awkward as much......remember also that they're more worried about what they should say and how they should handle situations than they are worried about how you're acting.....

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