Is there a good way to guess the measurements for a chinese dress?

My girlfriend fell in love with this chinese dress. Is there a good way to estimate the measurements? Finding out her sizes wouldn't take a whole lot of careful questioning, but I'm thinking if i start wrapping measuring tape around her neck she might get the wrong idea.

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  • H.L.A.
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    The dresses are very form fitting so you need to find out her measurements, bust - waist - hips, then take that with you to the store and ask someone who knows a good deal about the sizes and which frame they fit. Not all sales associates are knowledgeable, even if they're trained in that department.

    If you'd rather not do that, then look through her draws and closet. Find a dress of hers that is form fitting and take that with you (it should be a non stretch one since most Chinese dresses are made with brocades, they don't stretch, this is very important), and hold it against the dress you want to buy.

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