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The left side of my face under my eye, by my cheekbone, really hurts frequently. What could it be?

I already wear contacts and glasses so I don't think it's a vision problem. My eye doctor said it might be sinuses but has no idea what it could be. Sometimes my face feels like it is falling off. It feels like so much pressure is there, and sometimes I can see my skin looks pink, it looks swollen or like it's hurting. I want to go to the doctor, but I don't know who to make an appointment with, as I don't even know what's causing it. I'm afraid the doctor's never heard of it and its embarrassing. It's worse when I stare the computer too long, especially LCD screens like my gameboy or laptop. Please help! :( i'm in pain nearly every day of my life.

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    It sounds like the problem could be sinus-your maxillary sinuses to be exact(below your eye). Its uncommon but possible to only have 1 sided sinus pressure. Ive examined many patients with sinus congestion and they describe the same pressure,"face falling off when they lean forward" symptoms. Possibly an ENT-(ear nose and throat dr)would be a good start-they deal with cranial/sinus disorders. At least a specialist like that instead of a primary might have more insight :)

    Source(s): My profession-radiology(MRI,CT)
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    It sounds like your sinuses, but you need to see your doctor to make sure. They can do x rays to see if there is an infection in the cavities. Also have you changed any of your eye medications that you use to clean your contacts it may be an allergic reaction to that. But most of all go to the doctor and let him/her see you and help ease your pain and discomfort.

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    It sounds like you might have a sinus infection.See a general practionor or a eyes ears a nose doctor. Im sure they can help.Even if its not a sinus infection.

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