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My Ap schedule?

Ill be a senior next year and I am considering taking 5 ap classes which are: AP bio, AP physics, AP comp/lit, AP econ/gov, and honors trig/calc. I am currently taking Ap us history and AP psychology. Im doing pretty good in both, so im not worries about ap english and econ. What I am worried though is the physics, maht, and bio. Even though its physics B, I am not that great in math(algebra 2 right now), so do you guys think I can handle it? Also how hard is ap bio? and how hard would it be to jump from regular algebra 2 to honors trig/calc a if youre not that great at math, but very hard working...

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    Take it from someone who has been down the road a piece. Algebra is a total waste of time. You will never use it even once out of school. Buy a $10 calculator and move on to a subject that will make you some money, like real estate or stocks.

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