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what is the point of a faternity?

i was asked to join this community college group called phi theta kappa and am woundering what the point of it would be?

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    Its generally for the aimless and inept to find leadership from the clueless and the blind, with a bit of bullying and class rivalry thrown in and the brotherhood part is having someone equally miserable to comiserate with until you are old enough to take over the bullying.

    Life has enough rules without going looking for more.

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    Networking... your brothers in the fraternity will be your brothers for life... you'd be amazed at how many job opportunities will arise if you stick with the fraternity and keep up with your contacts. It never hurts to have someone on the "inside" after you graduate from college! All your brothers will have family members themselves that might be able to help you out as well. Research the frats... don't join up the first one you get invited to. Find out what sort of community services they perform, what their reputation as a "party house" is, and whether or not anyone "famous" has come out of that fraternity... once you join, you will be able to get in touch with people all over the world that belong to that same fraternity... not a bad networking scheme if you ask me!!!

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    socializing. meeting chicks and drinking with a bunch of dudes who are a lot like you. fraternities were a lot more fun 20 years ago than today

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