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me and my boyfriend are haveing problems, how i can i make us stronger?

we have been dating for a year now and things were great, but the last few weeks we have been fighting like really bad, and we are def. in love, we dont wanna break up, we're committed, we just need some tips on how to make us happy and make us stronger, without breaking up or "taking a break"

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    well just communicate to one another sound like there not enough communication that's what happend to me and my bf but back now cuz we love each alot so yea thats what you should do

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    I've been there. Everyone has difficult times in their relationships. Don't take things out on each other and don't get mad about little things all the time. Both of you need time alone sometimes, meaning not attached at the hip 24/7. Talk about things; make sure each of you knows how the other one feels about certain situations.

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