Why is everything one-sided?

People defend their religion on a particular issue for example. They only speak of the good verses, the good actions.

People disclaim that same religion, they only quote negative verses and blunders committed by followers.

Who comes forward and defends his own cause while justifying the existence of the opposite too?

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    1 decade ago
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    lol very few.

    bad verses are "taken out of context" but the good ones are always in context somehow. interesting how that works isnt it?

    every person quotes a good verse, and its always a single verse like those who quote bad, yet only one side is out of context.


    some people are so close minded.

    you can turn off the lights and shut the blinds, ignore those who knock, but deep inside you still know your home.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I do that.

    Jesus' teaching and example was perfect. Read it and see if he says one wrong thing.

    Paul hijacked it, told people to believe in Jesus, then subverted all the teachings. To make it convincing he gave a pretty good example too. Check it out - in all his writings, not once does he refer to or quote any of the teachings or life of Jesus as corroborated by 4 Gospel writers. Not once. He never met Christ (except for one supposed meeting where there were no witnesses) either. Yet his teaching is authoritative in the church.

    Christianity, since its institutionalization as Catholicism in the 300's, has been messed up ever since because of this.

    The result is that although I endorse Jesus, his teachings and example, I have to disagree with those who are called Christians because their beliefs are actually founded on Paul, not Jesus.

    I believe that buddhism is actually a lot closer to Christ's teachings than modern Christianity, just falling a bit short in consistency at its ultimate goal.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm agnostic. I don't believe anyone has all the answers. But for a lot of people, religion motivates them to be better people. I'm all for that. When I have a problem with religion, it's almost always because someone has knocked on my door so they can tell me I'm going to hell.

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  • 1 decade ago

    For an Atheist to argue the side of superstitional belief is like screwing for virginity, it just makes no sense.

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  • Perhaps their focus is one way or the other, even though both sides are there(authorized).

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