Why does my script only work in Safari + IE and nothing else?

I have some javascript that shows a dropdown list when the user makes a selection on the first dropdown (basically a drill-down), but it only works on Safari and IE and not Camino, Firefox, or Netscape. Can someone tell me why? I'm on pain meds, so currently not thinking that well. ;) I could use a sharp mind to help me figure out what's wrong. The page is here: www.springbreakga.com/hotels. (I know the code is not pretty or streamlined... I'll get to that part later). Please help!


OOPS. www.springbreakgal.com

Update 2:

the hotels are not coming from anywhere. they are hard-coded into the page within hidden divs (for now).

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    1 decade ago
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    No such server at www.springbreakga.com

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  • 1 decade ago

    var car_hotels = window.hotels.caribbean;

    you say windows.hotels.anything but there is no windows.hotels, the other browsers assume (falsely) that they should give you an empty object.

    where are the hotels coming from???

    update ok, so now it's hotelsform... but it's not in a javascript variable! at no point in the file is it assigned a value.


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