My ex husband married a lady in Peru before our divorce here was final, is his new marriage valid?

He (he is a Peruvian native by the way, and not a resident of the US) married his second wife (she is also peruvian) in Peru two months before the judge finalized our (I'm American) divorce here in the U.S. He is now seeking a divorce from her, however, and is curious if he can invalidate the marriage by stating he wasn't divorced before he married her. If he does this, will he be charged with Bigamy? Would it be better just do go through the divorce procedure in Peru and not say anything about the other divorce not being final (he's the only one that knows, she doesn't)?

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  • Duelen
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    1 decade ago
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    it would be an anullment. legally he can't be married to 2 women at one time, so yes, his marriage with the 2nd woman can be legally anulled, by reason of falsehood and legal standing.

    Source(s): my law class from last year fianlly came in handy!!!!!!=^-^=
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  • 1 decade ago

    tell her so she doesn't have to go through with what u did.

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