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I have a crush on a asian guy...?

im a high school senior, average white girl.

i got a crush on this asian guy

but he's definitely not a stereotype asian guy

he loves rock, he plays drums, hes about 5'10 and 160lbs, he lifts weights, he is also crazy about soccer

most of his friends r white guys, since they all like rocks. so he's known as 'the coolest asian guy in school' among most of rock-minded white boys.

even tho hes been in this country for about 4 years, he speaks very decent english

whenever we talk, he seems like he doesnt have any big interest in me. but when he talks w/ other asian girls in school, he laughs a lot, he makes those girls laugh. and it surely makes me very jealous

i cant tell exactly y i got a crush on him, mayb he is not typical asian, which makes him so speacial, or mayb his personality, which is optimistic and simple minded

but im sure he'll reject me if i ask him out

what should i do?

oh, and we're friends now, and he doesnt have a girlfriend, im sure


of course i meant music rock

he plays almost everytypes of rock stuffs

you know from the beatles to slipknot

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    When you say rock do you mean rock and roll/heavy metal/alternative, etc? Or do you mean rocks like uhm...stones? Not the rolling stones but like real stones, like stones on the ground? Cause if he likes those kind of rocks then you shouldn't go out with him, but if he likes music that is rock then I think you should.

    I am prejudice against rocks. (like the kinds on the ground).

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  • 4 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    You should ask to hang out a little more to get to know him. Talk some more and try the things you guys like to do.

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