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Sandra Lee, Semi-Homemade on Food Network: Is she the biggest flake of all time or what!?

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    She is so full of herself. I love to read the reviews to her recipes at Food network. Some of the responders are so funny. I hate the way she proclaims that a recipe will be "the best you ever tasted" She can't pronounce Mascarpone or Strawberry. If she can't say it right, she certainly can't cook it right. She is a joke. I prefer the serious chef's on the network.

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  • 4 years ago

    i recognize it isn't the recipe you asked for, yet right here is yet another slaw from Sandra Lee's teach. one million pkg. slaw mixture 3 green apples(granny smith) diced 3 green onions chopped 3 stalks celery diced Dressing 3/4 C bitter cream one million/4 C granulated sugar 3 Tblspns. cider viegar 2 Tblspns. dry ranch dressing mixture Stir components mutually and pour over greens.Salt and pepper to style. relax a minimum of 40 minutes.

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  • L.M.L
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    1 decade ago

    hell yeah! I don't know how many times she feels she needs to have "sandra's cocktail hour"....everytime she describes food she always says "it's gonna be yummy and gorgeous" "my little nephew bricer!" aghhhhh...she reminds me of the women on the tv show "real housewives of orange county".She is so fake from her boobs to her cooking!

    And don't get my started on her tablescapes!!!

    Go Team Giada!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yeah....Martha Stewart on acid.

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