How can you find out if Yahoo is blocking your site from search results?

I run a good site, follow Yahoo guidelines. For last 2 years its disappeared from 1st 10 pages of search listings.

Used to show up on page 1 or 2.

Is there a person or department that a person can talk to?


Based on the 1st two responses, apparently the question was not stated well enough.

It is not an issue of me doing the searches on a different search engine. I run a website, potential customers of mine use the Yahoo to search for products we sell. I have no control over which search engine they choose to do searches on.

We use to rate high in the Yahoo search results, now we don't. We feel Yahoo's search engine is blocking our site from coming up in searches.

We want to know how a person can determine if Yahoo is blocking their site from appearing in the search results. And better yet, if there is some way to talk to Yahoo about how your site ranks in the search results.

3 Answers

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