Greatest Captain from Start trek? and why?


Can include ANY Captain, e.g. Spock, Scotty (were promoted) - or more obsure ones, as well as the main ones - Picard, Kirk etc

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    It is no secret that he carries that same regal personae to the role in "X-Men"

    He gets bonus points for his baldness.....according to my wife (who is quite knowledgeable in this area....LOL).

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    Oh my! my family has this argument all the time. I say The Kirk because he never followed that !%&@* Prime Directive and always got away with it, always got all the girls, and no matter how many new treks they make, we always go back to the original. Picard would be my #2 because he's sexy.

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    William Riker.

    He has a great informal command style and relationship with the officers and crew he works with. He's great at tactics and improvising them on the fly.

    Didn't get to see much of Sulu as far as being in charge, but I think he'd be a good captain too.

    And an honorable mention to Jellico, just for putting Data in command red and Troi into a proper uniform :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sisko because he had to deal with a huge war. And I loved how he also had a sort of evil side to him. That's my favorite part of a good guy, the small evil corner that comes about once in awhile.

  • 1 decade ago

    Kirk was always my fav. he was part warrior part lover part romantic part politician and never beat around the bush. great improviser

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