Can I carry on ice or blue ice with current TSA rules?

With current TSA rules, would ice or blue ice have to be in 3 oz. sizes only? I want to carry on 2 meals and I prefer turkey for lunch and supper and I want the refrigeration to last 12 hours.


Folks, I have no problem with being "high maintenance"--I enjoy living free of sugars and mood swings--my recovery is what matters. The fact that I'm high maintenance (i.e. following the 7 steps of Radiant Recovery) is separate from the question.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No - most people now keep their perishables cool with bags of frozen vegetables.

    Ice is prohibited, and blue ice is definitely prohibited.

    And, yes, like the other poster says ... you are definitely leaning toward the "high maintenance" category. Can't you just buy a sandwich at the airport?

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  • elk312
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    1 decade ago

    Wow-high maintenence much? Call the airline...

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