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Medieval Architecture...?

What is a good example of a Romanesque building, be it a cathedral or otherwise, that has attributes that clearly lead into the Gothic period? In other words, what is a "transitional" building that link the two periods?

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    Gloucester Cathedral is an excellent example. It is an early cathedral, and has rounded Romanesque arches in the nave, but other more Gothic features, vaulted ceilings, as part of it early construction.

    There are, of course, a lot of Gothic (and more modern) additions and renovations.

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  • Anonymous
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    The cathedral in St Alban's has one side Romanesque, and the other side is Gothic. In many European cathedrals you find a combination of the two styles, as churches took so very long to build. As churches were contructed from the back to front, one often find the Gothic elements in the nave and portals, as well as the higher parts of the church.

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    Catholicism depended on fear. You screw up and God will smite you. This then transformed into the Gothic architecture. When you walk into a Gothic church, if you didn't fear god before, you sure do after.

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