600 calories is removed from 5 grams of water at an initial temperature of 40°C.?

What is the water’s final temperature and state (solid, liquid or vapor)?

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    1 cal/gram is the heat capacity of water (some say it's specific heat, but forget that, because this altogether other). 5 grams water at 40degC can lose 5gram x 40cal/gram = 200cal to get from 40degC to 0degC. But the water has not yet frozen. This is because the latent heat of fusion (or freezing LOL) of water is 80cal/gram. Because we have used up 200 cal to get where we are (5g H2O @0degC), we have 400cal left to do some more stuff. 400cal/1 gram/80cal =5gramsH2O. This means that there are just barely enough calories taken away from the 5grams water to freeze it solid. So the answer is: Five grams solid ice. No liquid water, no vapor.

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