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Who needs money more? The rich or the poor?

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    Poor people want the government handouts, welfare, and tax rebates. They want something for nothing.

    On the other hand, I was watching a documentary about 5 poor people who won different lotteries ($5-$10 million). They all took cash payouts. Each one of them spent all the money within 5 years, and 1 went bankrupt. One guy said that he wished he never won, it ruined his family.

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    I have 10000 dollars, I can start a business and employ some some of the 1000 poor people and give them a living wage.

    Or you can give that $10 each to each poor person, which will help them in the long run not one bit.

    This is what parrots was talking about.

    Of course poorer people need the money more, but there are other factors involved..

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    Kind of a slippery slope.

    Rich run the businesses and the such which provide goods and services.

    Poor are...well, poor. You can't say that they don't need money.

    Besides, if you give the poor money, they'll be rich. Then you'd have to take away their money and it becomes a cycle.

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    Poor Needs Money because they are poor..But rich needs money just to stay rich. So both needs money equally. Else rich will be poor or poor will remain poor. and nothing will be balanced.

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