What Should I Do?????????????????

i have a problem, i really like this boy in my class. im pretty sure he knows i like him because my friend told him and showed him a picture of me but she said he reaction wasnt bad or good but we have never talked for real. we have one of those friendships well were not even friends but its like we ask each other 4 pencils u know its like that. i just wanna get to know him i really like him the problem is i dont know how to open up my mouth and just randomly out of the blue start talking to him. I dont have alot of self confidence. i feel really nervous around him and i barely know him. ive never felt this way about another boy before. i can usually just walk up to anyone and just start talking not even caring what they think bout with him its different. How can i talk to him i just want to know how this semester is almost over and the class will also be over, so what should i do.

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    1 decade ago
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    First of all, Why can kids not use the English language to form legible sentences? Is the public school system in that much trouble? Stop playing hook-up and start learning. You will have plenty of time to be a "ho" later. For now, just concentrate on friends and learning.

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  • Shizzy
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    1 decade ago

    Before you talk or approach him take one or two deep breaths.On the day you want to talk to him you have to pull yourself up. And show him that you have alot of confidence. THen he will probably notice that about you. Then try and start a conversation about skool. Like something that is being talked about alot. Then just incorporate it into the conversation. Then tell him that you really like him. Hope my idea works for you.Much Love!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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