Help!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look down answe these questions?

1. The relative humidity of the air outside has remained at 50% all day, despite an increase in tempature. Explain why this can happen.

2. Fred walks out of an air-conditioned building. His glasses immediately fog up. Why??

3. How could you lower the relative humidity in your classroom?

4a. Jason and Kim were helping their father by fixing spaghetti for supper. They filled a pot 2/3 full of water and put it on the stove to heat. Then they wen tto watch TV. When Jason went to check the pot a little while later, it was only half full of water. On the windows in the kitchen were all steamed up and some moisture droplets were on the walls. What had happened.

4b. What happened to the relative humidity of the room as the water boiled?

5. Explain how convection is related to the formation of weather systems.

6. How is the Water Cycle related to the weather?

7. How are some of the weather factors that forecasters must collect data on in order to predict the weather. Answer

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    These answers start answering themselves as you read. I think you missed this key data while studing.

    humidity is the amount of steam(heated water) in the air

    a drop in heat makes condensation(the water is no longer steam but water)

    that is the point of all these questions keep that in mind while answering them.

    hope this helps


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    Do your own homework!

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    i aint doin ur work

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    homework is ment for u to learn so do your own.

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    i aint got all day

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