I'm getting warnings (6997 from DUMK9D) about internally created grids, and Jacobian error (4299 from DUMK9D). I have verified that the connectivity is in the right order... Then the run doesn't go, gives a NOGO Encountered in SUBDMAP SEMG. I have tried experimenting with the number of grids on the ADUM9 entry, but I don't know the right value.. Anyone with experience using these elements, a sample deck which works would be great!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Apart from checking the order of the connectivities, verify to see if you are missing nodes, especially when you have transitions, sometimes internal nodes are not connected to an adjacent element without internal nodes, (3 nodes per side connected to two nodes), etc.

    Are the elements well shaped? Any pointy elements?

    Are all the boundary conditions defined?

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