What do you know about GERD? Does it go away?

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    GERD stands for gastro esophagal reflux disease. It is caused by acid from the stomach coming up to the esophagus due to a loose esophagal sphincter.

    There is no known cure for GERD. Most of the medications try to lower the acid content in the stomach but they dont strengthen the sphincter.

    A complication of GERD is esophagitis, an inflammation and erosion of the esophagal lining. This may lead to barretts esophagus(Grade 4 esophagitis), an irreversible condition.

    Barretts Esophagus highly increases the risk for esophagal cancer, which is a higly fatal cancer. What exactly causes Barrets to develop into cancer is not well known at the moment.

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    First of all, GERD doesn't cause cancer. There are risks of ulcers and esophageal-related difficulties. If it is severe, it can affect your throat even, as well as your teeth. Secondly, it can be treated. For some people, treatment is short-term and for others treatment is necessary long-term. The best medication that has been both studied long-term and is most efficacious is called Nexium. It's fairly expensive, but it may be worth it. Sounds like GERD is really impacting your functioning. You don't have to suffer with this. Talk to your doctor about Nexium.

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    I have had GERD for years and it does not go away for me. I am now taking Nexium for the symptoms and it helps tremendously for me. I don't think I could function without it. It is not a good thing to have but if treated you can definately live with it.

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    I have acid reflux. I don't believe it goes away. I do know that if you do not get it treated or take care of it, it can lead to much worse health problems. Prilosec or Previcid work for me. I currently use prilosec otc and it works quite well. The best would be to see your Physician and see what they say.

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    No it doesn't go away on it's own. Medication is in order before it really tears up your esophagus.

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    No. See a doctor and make sure you have it and then treat it. The sooner the better.

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