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Im applying to schools and i was wondering which are the top fashion design colleges in the united states.?

Hi I am interested in fidm , otis, syracuse, parsons, pratt , fit. I really want to go away and fidm is my top choice ,but i wanted to know if fidm is a good school to go to. if i get chosen i was thinking about going to get my associates there then get my bachelors at fit, pratt, or parsons. is fidm credits transferable to those schools . Also i wanted to know about otis college of art and design. if anybody goes there could u tell me about your experience going there.

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    Two of the top programs in the world are at FIT and at Parsons. Those programs are very, very strong and have great reps. Both are very NYC focused, of course, but since NYC is the centre of the fashion world, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

    FIDM. That's a private, proprietary school. That means that oftentimes you may have trouble transferring credits to other schools. Your best bet is to call FIT and ask them if they'd accept the associates from FIDM, and would you go into the school as a full Junior, or have to take additional courses.

    To be ruthlessly honest, FIDM won't open any doors for you, in the fashion world. You'll have to open those doors yourself. FIT or Parsons, however - that's a different story.

    Fashion design is HUGELY competitive. It pays for you to attend the best reputed program you can. In a field like this, it's not only your talent and portfolio that will get you that first job - it's also where you went to school, and the contacts you make there. Most jobs in this field are found via networking. If you go to a place, like FIT, that has professors in the biz, with pull and power, and graduates who hire out of the school, and the staff has connections and pull, then you'll be in a better place, post-graduation, than others.

    But at the same time, the school needs to be a good fit for you. And if FIT or Parsons will accept transfers from FIDM - again, call FIT first - then you may be able to do both! Attend FIDM, then tranfer to a high-powered school like Parsons.

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    Check these websites:,

    They will tell you about art schools and their credentials. These two websites seem very accurate to me (I have researched all of this and visited four schools on your list.)

    I would highly advise you to visit each school. If you visit each school you will get a great idea about it and find out if you like it. Then ask the schools that are your top choice what AA programs they have articulation agreements with. That will give you a good idea of where to go for your first two years if you want to start with an AA program somewhere else (but why?). Some of these schools may have articulation agreements with community colleges where you can truly save money by studying for two years.

    If money is any issue, and you are trying to save money on the first two years, be careful. FIDM, for example, is very expensive ($20,000 tuition per year). So you won't be saving money going there - you could enroll in Parsons as a freshman for that money.

    You may not like the location of Otis - near LAX. FIDM has a better location, downtown LA where there is supposedly an "urban revival," though you have to be careful not to live on Skid Row! You also need a car to get nearly anywhere in LA. New York you wouldn't need a car. Parsons and Pratt are top private art schools. FIT is a public university. Syracuse will be different because it's a university with an art program versus an art school. FIDM is a privately owned for-profit art school. I don't think it ranks a highly as Parsons and Pratt but I know people who have really liked it.

    Good luck.

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    surely the Rhode Island college of layout, Pratt, and the artwork institute of Chicago. i'm planning on using to all of them, and praying that i will get into one among them....

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