Where can you find cheap and affordable ringtones for Cingular Pay as you go phones besides Cingular.com?

My phone is a Motorola V190 cingular pay as you go phone


I want to be able to get them without having to connect to the internet on my phone if that is possible if not just tell me where to get the ringtones.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Unfortunately it seems as the cellphones have become 'internet' handy, all ringtones have to go through a 'internet' type mode to download.

    Ex. Jamster used to offer where you could just type in your number and receive your ringtone through a text. Now I have to go through medianet (internet) to retrieve it.

    It might just be older phones were only polyphonic ringtones, which were easily sent. Real tones are larger and more complex than polytones.

    Cingular offers ringtones from 1.99-2.99. *Or you can get a plan at the nearest retailer.

    Jamster offers plans, such as 5.99 monthly for 2 ringtones, 3 wallpapers, and 1 game.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hi, don't loose your time with sites that seem to be free but they always charge for something.

    You need to have internet on your phone to receive poly or mp3 ringtones otherway you can receive monophonic ringtones through txt (only for Nokia and Motorola).

    For 100% real free ringtones, you can go to:


    I've been using this site for long time (at least 2 years) and it is really FREE. You can upload your music files or pictures and later you can send it to your phone. They convert music files in ringtones. It is a cool site. Also, you can search for an specific song that another person already upload to the site.

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