Could you help me to get infomation to give lectures for computer courses?

I ned as much information as i could get. about Microsoft offices and all the other such as exel, word, access.

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    I taught that information at Texas Tech University as an Undergraduate TA in the late 90's. Your question is too broad and can only result in a broad answer: read the Microsoft manuals on this, pickup up the "For Dummies" books, etc.

    However, examples of things we chose to go over in class: how the interface worked (dragging/dropping, cutting/pasting, menu operation, saving, etc); how to create a basic document (formatting, expressions, objects, spell check, etc); VBA (macros).

    Hope that helps give you some direction.

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    1 decade ago

    Firstly, it is Microsoft Office - not offices.

    Microsoft offers a suite of programs. For example some suites include Microsoft Word (word processing), and others don't. It depends on whether you want to pay for the entire suite - or just some of it.

    It is bundled different ways.

    Some software, such as Microsoft Word, can be learned in a matter of hours. Some software, such as Excel, might take days or even weeks to learn.

    I certainly woudn't want to try and lecture on all the programs, although I've used all of them since they existed. If I had to "lecture" on these software programs I'd try to be an expert on a few - and go with that.

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