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in Sicily we have a well of 200ft depth. Giving us water to irrigate our trees. Where this water come from?

Is it rain water? Does it comes from the sea an is it filtered by sand?

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    There are usually what are call aquifers underground. It's like a permanent underground water supply. This is where your well water is coming from. Rain water will eventually trickle down to the aquifer.

    It's unlikely that it's sea water unless the depth of your well is below sea level.

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    When rain falls it seeps into the ground and eventually makes it way down to bedrock where it collects and flows around like unground rivers (they are called aquafers). So yes, you well water comes from rain. What's kinda cool is that with some aquafers it takes so long for the water to make it through, that the water can be 1000's even millions of years old!

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