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Baseboard heater problem...?

I have electric heating in my house and recently the baseboard heater in my bedroom makes a niose when it is turend on a warming up. It sounds almost as if water is dripping on it and last for atleast 5 minutes. It drives me nuts at night so i have resorted to turning it off at night. Does anyone know whats going on and how to fix it?

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    You are likely hearing a ticking sound as the metal expands and contracts. My hot water baseboard heaters make the same noise.

    There are some electronic thermostats which will better regulate the temperature of the heater. Standard thermostats turn the heater on full until the room is heated, then turn it off entirely when the desired temperature has been reached. This rapid heating and cooling can cause the ticking sounds. More advanced thermostats will vary the amount of current flowing through heater, similar to how a dimmer switch works. The heater temperature will vary according to the amount of heat required. This gradual heating or cooling will reduce the amount of ticking noise you hear.

    Otherwise try replacing the heater with another unit and hope it makes less noise.

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    To diagnose the problem start with a good analog meter. Test for voltage at the thermostat and Then at the power panel. If it is present and is the 240 volts then test for it at the heater. Since one of the heaters got wet, I would go there and disconnect the cable. Water in a heater can cause corrosion which can then cause the conductors to break or not make good connection.

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  • Anonymous
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    probably the metal casing expanding. you can buy a replacement unit relatively cheap at home depot and do it yourself.

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